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Posted 28 August 2022 at 7:25 pm by gerard01

Spectra SE-128 AA Printhead (BANDARELECTRONIC)

Buy Spectra SE-128 AA Printhead is 100% safe,Because purchase products at Bandar Electronic Sign provide a 100% money back guarantee.
Location Bandar Electronic Sign : Jl. Genteng Besar No 43 Surabaya.To purchase online visit the website : www.bandar-electronic.com

Price : USD 481 / Pcs
Min Order : 1 – 5 Pcs
Lead Time :3-7 Days
Port : CIF / Juanda International Airport
Terms : Bank Transfer, Wise, Western union, Moneygram & WorldRemit
Shipment : FedEx, DHL, UPS
Product : Ori and Ready in stock

The Spectra SE-128 AA print head is a high performance, 128-channel ink jet assembly for a broad range of printing applications. Calibrated to deliver 30 picoliter drop size, for use at resolutions up to 900 DPI.

This print head is compatible with Durst Rho, Inca Spyder and Spuhl printers. These Spectra SL heads are manufactured in the US and passed Spectra US quality control tests to ensure the best durability. It carries a manufacturer product warranty.

Manufacturer: Spectra
Printer compatibility: Agfa Jeti 3312 Solvent RTR / Jeti 3324 AquaJet RTR / Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR / Jeti 3348 HSS / Jeti 3348 JetSpeed RTR / Jeti 3348 UV Galaxy RTR / Jeti 5024 Solvent RTR / Jeti 5048 UV XL, Durst Rhopac 160, Graphics One Fuzion UV, Inca Columbia Turbo
DP part number : PPHSPSE128

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