Mbayani Market

Mbayani market is located in Blantyre not far from Chirimba Market. It serves the surrounding communities of Nyambadwe and Chemusa and is well known for it's offering of cheap products
chirimba market Malawi

Chirimba Market

Chirimba Market resides in Blantyre, a few kilometres from Blantyre CBD. The market serves surrounding communities of Kamedza, Mbayani and Chapima.

Limbe Market and Centre

The Limbe Market is said to have been established in 1906; it is located in Limbe within the Blantyre District in the southern region.

Ndirande Main Market

The Ndirande Main Market  resides in the southern region, some Kilometres from Blantyre CBD. The market serves the surrounding local areas of Ndirande, Nyambadwe and Makhetha.