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  • Posts for 1 December 2022
    Assistant Laboratory Technical Lead (3 Positions) Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC) Enumerator Malaria Alert Centre (MAC) Research Nurse Malaria Alert
  • Posts for 28 November 2022
    Senior Program Officer Pact World Deputy Chief of Party Pact World Associate National Project Officer (Education for Health and Wellbeing)
  • Posts for 24 November 2022
    Senior IT Assistant World Bank Operations Assistant (Movements) International Organization for Migration (IOM) Project Officer Catholic Relief Services Personal Assistant
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  • Registered Nurse
    Closes : December 9, 2022 About Announcement Number: LILONGWE2022-31 Hiring Agency: Embassy Lilongwe Position Title: Registered Nurse – ((Open to All Interested Candidates/All Sources)) Open Period: 11/25/2022 – 12/09/2022 Format... The post Registered Nurse appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Administrative Management Assistant
    Closes : December 12, 2022 About Announcement Number:LILONGWE-2022-028 Hiring Agency:Embassy Lilongwe Position Title:Administrative Management Assistant – All Interested Applicants/All Sources Open Period:11/25/2022 – 12/09/2022 Format MM/DD/YYYY Vacancy Time Zone: GMT+2... The post Administrative Management Assistant appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Eastern Africa – Regional Coordinator
    Closes : December 12, 2022 COOPI is looking for a Regional Coordinator Eastern Africa for its office in Nairobi The Regional Coordinator represents COOPI and supports the intervention of the... The post Eastern Africa – Regional Coordinator appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • NAPAS Evaluation Team Leader
    Overview Banyan Global is an international development consulting firm committed to improving livelihoods through market approaches for a broad and lasting impact. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC with... The post NAPAS Evaluation Team Leader appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Expert for KIP Preparation for Malawi and Mozambique
    Closes : December 4, 2022 Result of Service The ultimate result of consultancy is the conduct and completion of the HFC national survey and the preparation of the corresponding survey... The post Expert for KIP Preparation for Malawi and Mozambique appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Nurse Technician
    Closes : December 10, 2022 POSITION: NURSE TECHNICIAN Location: Lilongwe Department: Nursing Reports to: Facility in charge Location Lilongwe Background for Umunthu Medical Clinical Umunthu medical clinical is an urban... The post Nurse Technician appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Clinical Officer
    Closes : December 10, 2022 POSITION: CLINICAL OFFICER Location: Lilongwe Job description Department: Clinical Reports to: Medical Doctor Location Lilongwe Background for Umunthu Medical Clinical Umunthu Medical Clinic is an... The post Clinical Officer appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Territory Officer
    Closes : November 30, 2022 We are Hiring a Territory Officer Zuwa is a leading prepaid (pay as you go) solar electricity company in Malawi. Our mission is to Empower... The post Territory Officer appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Apartment Manager
    An Apartment Manager has a dual responsibility. To the Property owner who is interested in the highest return from the property. And the tenants who are interested in the best... The post Apartment Manager appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
  • Inpatient Department (IPD) NURSE (2 posts)
    Closes : November 29, 2022 Position: Inpatient Department (IPD) NURSE (2 posts) Médecins Sans Frontières is a private, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to populations in... The post Inpatient Department (IPD) NURSE (2 posts) appeared first on Malawi Jobs.
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