Repairs, Training,Course,Jobs, FRIDGE REPAIRS, STOVE REPAIRS
Repairs, Training,Course,Jobs, FRIDGE REPAIRS, STOVE REPAIRS
Posted 5 June 2023 at 1:14 pm by Ella

Washing machine repair training


Learn how to properly use a digital meter for Household appliance training.
Understand how electricity moves through a home and through each appliance.
Learn about switches and the different types that can be found in appliances.
Learn the basics on how to understand and read wiring diagrams.
Understand how to properly check for power going to 240 volt appliances with just your meter.

Firstly with the Basic Appliance Repair training Course, we essentially put you in our shoes for 3 weeks.
Appliance repair is what we do for a living. Secondly Once you graduate, it’s our hope and expectation that
above all you’ll be able to launch your own career or certainly find a job, and enjoy the same fulfillment
we do. Thirdly The appliance industry is in desperate need for qualified appliance repair technicians across
South Africa. Fourthly we want to teach you the basic fundamentals at our fully stocked training facility
with some of the latest Household appliances made on the market today for you to work on under the supervision of an instructor.

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